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In anticipation of spring...new banner 8D

So I finally have time to make a new banner for the community (and replace the old Christmas banner).  I was going to make the blossoms fall and disappear but then I decided against sitting here for another 2 hours just to do that. O__________O; So fade out it shall be...XDD

Some really hot bishies coming up soon...8Dbb

Love him and laugh at him XDDD

Here's a hot lieutenant that will make you fall in love with him simply because he's too cute and darn! funny.  *drum rolls* Presenting Kei Agemaki from Otome Youkai Zakuro.  If you haven't seen this series, I really recommend it.  Kei is like the military form of Tamaki but a whole lot funnier. XD

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A looong belated update ^^;;

This time around, I'm throwing in my newest bishie obsession...Usui Takumi from Kaichou wa maid-sama.  Gah! I just LOVE that series.  I really, really hope there will be a second season.  Anyway, it is so hard to find good picture sof Usui (surprising!! D:), so I'm going to post all that I have, which aren't many - and most have Misaki in it.  ;_;  Oh well, from Anime America's recent poll, Usui is voted as the hottest anime male in 2010 8Dbb ...and Misaki is voted as the hottest anime female of 2010, so I guess it's only fitting that they are shown together.

Also quickly hashed together a new banner for the comm., too. 8Dv

And something slightly different...here's a vid. of the hot HOT REALLY HOT first ending of the series, showing none other than Usui. *melts into gooey fangirl puddle* XD
oh my oh my oh my...vO___OvCollapse )EDIT: I so didn't do Usui justice in this post. orz  Just don't have time to put together all the hot pics. ;_;


The cute and dense type. XD

So I've been plowing through all the series by the mangaka Yuki Yoshihara ever since I stumbled across the manga Aisuru Hito.  Those who are familiar with this mangaka knows she writes smut really really hilarious romance comedies.  I had never laughed while reading a manga as much as I did when I read AH. XD  Anyway, her latest work is called  Venus ni Arazu and this is where the bishie below is from. 8D. 

Without further a due, I present the prodigy sculpture Chuujou Tarou from Venus ni Arazu.  Chuujou's famous line:  'I'll pay you 500 yen if you strip!' XDD  He's not as perverted as he sounds though *points at the subject title*...XD

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A new year...a new banner

So after nearly killing myself (aka overworked)...I finally have time to work on some anime/manga stuff.  Well, here's the first banner of the new year for this comm.  Hope you all like! 8D
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Kiss of a Rose

So a certain tomato informed a certain onee-chan about certain bishie roses...O_o...which means my secret garden isn't so secret anymore. <_<

So here they are, the five roses that I tried so hard to hide from all of you sneaky fangirls. @_@  XD  Introducing the roses from the manga Barajou no Kiss (aka Kiss of the Rose Princess), which also is now a drama CD. |D


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more Stray Love Heart...of sorts. XD

Without further ado...let the show begin. xP  Reizei will you open for us? XD

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On the 1st day of Christmas... 8D

On the 1st day of Christmas, a bunch of hot bishies came knocking my way...XDb So here is the first gift of the season...the hotties from the manga Stray Love Hearts! *squees and screams* XDD
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another banner ^^;

Made this banner for my lj, and since it has a bishie in it (well, sort of XDD) I thought I'd post it in the comm .too. :3 I have a hot HOT surprise coming this weekend or sooner, so stay tune. (Better stick the snowballs into your fridge because these guys will melt them all. >D)

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